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GKrellM is a single process stack of system monitors which supports applying themes to match its appearance to your window manager, Gtk, or any other theme.

Builtin Features:

* Hostname/systemname display.
* Clock/calendar.
* SMP CPU monitor that can chart individual CPUs and/or a composite CPU.
* Temperature, fan, and voltage sensor monitors if supported by the kernel and the mainboard hardware (Linux requires lm_sensors to be installed).
Each sensor monitor has a configurable alarm and warning.
* Process monitor with a chart for load and forks and a display of number of current processes and users.
* Disk monitor that can chart individual disks or a composite disk.
* Internet monitor (http, ftp, ...) that displays current tcp port connections and charts historical port hits for over two days.
* Net interface monitors with charts for all routed net interfaces. Data rx/tx LEDs and a timer button that can be linked to a ppp or isdn net interface and displays on line time.
* Memory and swap space usage meters, and a swap page in/out chart.
* File system meters which show capacity/free space and can mount/umount.
* A mailbox monitor which can launch a mail reader, a mail fetch/check program, and a sound notify command. Builtin new mail message checking for mbox, maildir, MH, POP3, and IMAP mailboxes.
* APM laptop battery meter with a configurable alarm and warning for low battery time left.
* Uptime display.

* Version 2 can run in client mode and collect data from a gkrellmd server on a remote machine.
* Multiple monitors managed by a single process to reduce system load.
* Charts have auto scaling or fixed scaling modes.
* Commands can be configured to run when monitor labels are clicked.
* GKrellM is plugin capable so special interest monitors can be coded.
Adding date: 18.1.2007 19:42
GUI: yes
Terminal: yes
Licence: GPL
Home Page:
Creator: Bill Wilson
Developer company:
Alternativ SW in Windows: GKrellM
SW instalation requirement:

GKrellM 2 requires gtk 2.0, gdk 2.0, glib 2.0.
The gkrellmd server requires only glib (either glib 2.0 or glib 1.2) and may be installed on servers that do not have GTK or Xlibs.
HW instalation requirement:

Rate: 100%
Link CZ article:
Package Type Download Size in kB
MDK rpm[..]rlug.i586.rpm 708
rpm[..] 669
deb[..].1-1_i386.deb 397
source[..]2.2.1.tar.bz2 648
source[..]-2.2.1.tar.gz 892
src.rpm[..] 617
Added by: Jaroslav Kucera


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