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Multiplatform, networked and distributed file system, based on the client/server principle, with great scalability. Suitable for both local and remote networks. Supports centralized administration on *nix platforms.

Server and client is currently ported to the following platforms:* Linux (2.2, 2.4)
* Darwin
* MacOS X
* Digital Unix
* Solaris
* Windows (with some limitations -- on the 9x branch works just the client, on the NT brach both client and server, but the system-wide integration is much worse than on unices).

Key features:
* world-wide unique directory three under /afs
* local file access caching (fully detached work is not supported, but the performance improvement is distinctive especially in large networks or while accessing topologically remote cells)
* user management using own Kerberos IV implementation (can be substituted by another brand or by Kerberos V), token-based access control and intristic ACL (replacing standard permission bits)
* scalability throught dividing the directory tree into independent volumes (each with its own quota), their migration to different server machines, dynamic appending of new servers, replicating volumes for load ballancing, etc.
* supports file locking

Current disadvantages (being solved):
* maximal file size is limited by 2 GB
* unarranged source code, many parts written in an archaical K&R style, not yet reviewed
* no client support for 2.6 kernel branch
Adding date: 31.7.2004 10:05
GUI: no
Terminal: yes
Licence: Own
Home Page:
Creator: OpenAFS komunita
Developer company: IBM, původně Transarc
Alternativ SW in Windows: DFS
SW instalation requirement:

HW instalation requirement:

Rate: not rated yet
Package Type Download Size in kB
rpm[..].0.1.i386.rpm 4000
deb[..]ody1_i386.deb 1100
source[..]1-src.tar.bz2 12000
binary[..]-1-3-6300.exe 9000
binary[..]x86_59.tar.gz 13000
binary[..]FS.pkg.tar.gz 11000
binary[..]n4x_59.tar.gz 14000
Added by: Martin Děcký


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