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AVG Linux Email Server Edition (AVG LS) provides protection for Linux email servers. AVG LS also includes protection for the Linux file server on which the email server is installed. This solution is available for most current Linux distributions and supports various mail servers.
Adding date: 4.12.2003 16:36
GUI: no
Terminal: yes
Licence: Comercial
Home Page:
Developer company: GRISOFT, s. r. o.
Alternativ SW in Windows: AVG pro Windows
SW instalation requirement:

Linux distribution with, a libraries. The program is distributed as the .RPM package or the .tar.gz package - no specific Linux distribution is necessary.

- AMaViS version 0.3.12 ( or amavisd-new 20030616 or newer (
- Any email server supported by the AMaViS platform {sendmail, postfix, qmail, exim etc.)
- Perl and associated modules required by the AMaViS package
HW instalation requirement:

Hardware requirements depend heavily on the expected mail server load, that is, the expected number of messages processed per minute. Following is the load on an system we tested with no impact on performance: server with Intel Celeron 2.3 Ghz CPU, 512MB RAM using amavisd-new processed 300 messages per minute with 30% infection ratio.
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Added by: Václav Hlobil

software AVG Linux Email Server 16.2.2008 06:03 k.h
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