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A state-of-the-art computer-aided design system for VLSI circuit design. Electric designs MOS and bipolar integrated circuits, printed-circuit-boards, or any type of circuit you choose. It has many editing styles including layout, schematics, artwork, and architectural specifications. A large set of tools is available including design-rule checkers, simulators, routers, layout generators, and more. Electric interfaces to most popular CAD specifications including VHDL, CIF, and GDS II. screenshot
Adding date: 25.6.2004 14:47
GUI: yes
Terminal: no
Licence: GPL
Home Page:
Developer company: Static Free Software
Alternativ SW in Windows: OrCAD
SW instalation requirement:

UNIX, Windows or MacOS
HW instalation requirement:

30 megabytes of free space in order to install Electric. This is because the source code is 15 megabytes, and there are various support files and libraries as well. Keep in mind that a single distribution includes support files for UNIX, Windows, and Machintosh systems.
Rate: 100%
Package Type Download Size in kB
source[..]c-6.08.tar.gz 4283
source[..]s-6.08.tar.gz 1318
Added by: DoubleR


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