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KSnuffle is a network packet sniffer for KDE.
Features include:

* Network packet filtering (aka tcpdump(8))
* Start and stop event triggers
* Packet detail and graphic displays
* Local and remote interface sniffing
* Recording and replay
* Execute commands on events
* Access to protocol information
* Access to TCP/IP stream data
* Support for use by selected non-root users
* Multiple concurrent sniffers
* Parallel display of multiple load histograms
* Dynamically loaded plugins
* End-to-end traffic summary
* Total traffic summary
* DNS lookups
* TCP/IP stream state
* Execution by selected non-root useds

Adding date: 1.3.2004 15:04
GUI: yes
Terminal: no
Home Page:
Developer company:
Alternativ SW in Windows:
SW instalation requirement:

HW instalation requirement:

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Package Type Download Size in kB
source[..]uffle-2.2.tgz 1200
Added by: Yippee


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