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* MP3-Database extracts the ID3 tag from each MP3 file found on a CD. When commiting the artist, albums and titles to the database, you can edit all information from the ID3 tags
* automatically read in the ID3 tags of a complete CD of MP3s
* upload MP3 files to your Rio500 portable MP3 player
* functions to search for title, CD or artist
* display all titles, CDs or artists of a MP3-CD
* display a list of all CDs
* play a certain title (with XMMS)
* generate playlists (also with titles from different CDs)
* generate a playlist with the 20 most frequently played titles
* generate a playlist with 15 random titles from the database
* copys titles to your harddisk to play titles instantly without searching for the right CD. MP3DB takes care about this MP3 cache and knows if a title can be played from harddisk
* show complete song information
* modify song information saved in the database
* modify artist information
* modify album information
* automatically mount CD-ROMs
* eject CD-ROMs
Adding date: 22.4.2004 13:07
GUI: yes
Terminal: no
Licence: GPL
Home Page:
Creator: Benny Müller
Developer company:
Alternativ SW in Windows:
SW instalation requirement:

MySQL (Is needed as database backend)
Perl Modules:
To play MP3 files the MP3 player XMMS should be installed on your
system. MP3-Database can easily be adapted to other MP3 players
HW instalation requirement:

Rate: 100%
Package Type Download Size in kB
source[..]0.8-en.tar.gz 300
Added by: Yippee


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