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Traffpro is a Network Security, Reporting and Billing System and solves problem related to network traffic control. It controls traffic that is used in small home and office networks and protects your network from external intrusions with its firewall system.

It is a Linux based Traffic Control, Traffic Accounting, Traffic Shaping, Bandwidth Management and Bandwidth Control System that helps your Company/SOHO run steadier and more efficiently.


* Automatically routes traffic from your network (through one or multiple NICS) to the internet. No need to do it manually.
* Monitor and control Bandwidth Consumption in a network
* Restrict users from unauthorized access to the Internet (controlled by IP, MAC, User Name's and Passwords)
* Can be used as simple traffic consumption and traffic reporting system without User Authorization except by IP or IP+MAC
* Web Based Interface for users, who can use it to gain authorization for access the Internet.
* Restrict users from accessing resources to ports and domains
* Web Based Interface through which users can view amount of traffic they use.
* Protect the server From external Intrusion / hackers via an inbuilt firewall
* Control server bandwidth and traffic
* Can be used with a DHCP server.
* Can be used with a proxy server
* Can be used with ppp servers (vpn, pptp, pppoe)
* Restrict users to websites using a 2 way policy: Either allow users to access URLs or block them. (Restriction is done via all IP protocols (tcp, udp etc)
* Get statistics on websites visited and amount of traffic downloaded by users via all protocols and ports.
* Control traffic across multiple servers (i.e many servers with traffpro but without a database connected to different networks can access the Internet via a single server
with traffpro which has database and a administrative console)
* Connect Unlimited number of users without any restriction.
* Connect more then 1000 users without sorting them out in different networks (i.e. connect all in one server!)
* Reports on total amount of traffic used by users.
* Receive reports from users on the total traffic consumed on weekdays
* Receive reports from users on amount of traffic used based on ports
* Receive reports from users on amount of traffic used based on ports and days
* Receive reports from users on amount of traffic used based on number of connections to a resource (by ip + port, and or by domain)
Adding date: 3.5.2009 10:35
GUI: yes
Terminal: yes
Licence: GPL
Home Page:
Creator: Gavru
Developer company: Upitsystems
Alternativ SW in Windows:
SW instalation requirement:

httpd mysql-devel iptables-devel gcc php php-mysql mysql-server gcc-c++ libstdc++-devel
HW instalation requirement:

* CPU 800 MHz or more
* RAM 256 MB
* 4 GB HDD
* Two network cards or other communications interfaces
* Linux OS
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Link EN article:[..]=62&Itemid=27
Package Type Download Size in kB
tgz[..].gz&Itemid=12 6000
Added by: Vadgama Harsh


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