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Introducing the world's easiest acronym creation software program: Siglar. Siglar is a simple and ligthweigth program, yet powerful and fast. It automaticaly creates many suggestions for new acronyms using the initial letters of words or word parts in a phrase or name. Siglar have many options to configure how it creates the acronyms suggestions. The sugested aconyms can be copied to another aplication or saved in a text file (utf-8 format). Siglar supports unicode character codification. Siglar is a program for the GNU/LINUX operating system. screenshot
Adding date: 23.4.2009 19:03
GUI: yes
Terminal: no
Licence: Freeware
Home Page:
Creator: Jorge Fernandes
Developer company: .
Alternativ SW in Windows:
SW instalation requirement:

Simple install procedure:

Download the siglar-x.x.x.i386.tar.gz file (the package file) and copy to an directory of your choise.
Open an terminal and `cd' to that directory.
The pachage file is a tar gzipped compressed file containing the Siglar application files in binary form and the installation shell script. You need to unpack them to run the installation script, to do this type:
$ tar xzvf siglar-x.x.x.i386.tar.gz
Enter in the new directory.
$ cd siglar-x.x.x.i386
Next run the installation script(become root if necessary):
$ ./
Now the Siglar program is installed in your system, to run it type:
$ siglar
HW instalation requirement:

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Package Type Download Size in kB
binary[..]1.i386.tar.gz 47
Added by: Jorge Fernandes


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