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Looking Glass was first developed indoors at Sun Microsystems. It was first shown at a conference in Berlin as far as I know. The reactions were so good that it suprised the Developers Team. Sun and the team made the decision to opensource Looking Glass. Things have gone fast since then.
Adding date: 24.1.2007 19:27
GUI: yes
Terminal: no
Home Page:
Creator: Sun
Developer company: Sun
Alternativ SW in Windows: no
SW instalation requirement:

Linux x86: Most modern linux distributions should work.


HW instalation requirement:

CPU 1.4 GHz or faster recommended

RAM 512MB recommended

Graphics Card

3D accelerated graphics card, with at least 32MB VRAM and driver support for OpenGL, version 1.3 or greater (LG3D may run with OpenGL 1.2, but 1.3 is highly recommended). 24bit display depth is required in order for the X11 integration work correctly.

Linux x86: For Nvidia devices you must use at least the following driver version: 1.0-8756 (or later). Refer to this for important information on how to configure Nvidia cards for LG3D. Some graphics cards require special configuration in order to run LG3D. For device driver configuration instructions for specific cards refer to: Installing and Configuring Device Drivers for 3D Desktop Project Looking Glass

Disk Space 350MB
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Link EN article:[..]-started.html[..]Looking_Glass
Package Type Download Size in kB
deb[..].0.0_i686.deb 0
binary in[..]-0612190943.b 0
Added by: Roger Merceder


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