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Mayix-liveCD 2716x
Mayix-liveCD is live-cd based in gentoo linux with X, iptables, mysql, php, apache, partimage, etc..
Educanix 2321x
Live-CD for nursery and primary education with many games for children between 3-10 years old. This Debian based distribution has no panel, menu, windows, consoles, terminals... just to learn playing! ^_^ Version 1.0: - Linux kernel 2.4.22. - Spanish language only. - Uses udev for managing devices. Packages: - gcompris 6.1 - gnome 2.6 - ktuberling 0.4 - KDE 3.3.0 - Qt 3.3.3 - Tuxpaint 0.9.13
BeatrIX 2307x
BeatrIX Linux is a 180-meg live-CD featuring kernel 2.6.7 and 2.4.27, Gnome 2.6, Evolution 1.4, Firefox, Open Office and more. In its next release, scheduled for late October, it will be installable to hard drive and bootable from a variety of sources, including USB pendrives, compact flash and others. It is intended for people who want to get the job done quickly and efficiently and was written on the new breed of mini-ITX motherboards and certainly works on them! But it will run on just about any computer with 64 megabytes of RAM.
LNX BBC 2293x
The LNX-BBC is a mini Linux-distribution, small enough to fit on a CD-ROM that has been cut, pressed, or molded to the size and shape of a business card. LNX-BBCs can be used to rescue ailing machines, perform intrusion post-mortems, act as a temporary workstation, and perform many other tasks that we haven't yet imagined.
Cool Linux 2274x
Cool Linux is a product of Andrei Velikoredchanin, also known as "Uncle Andy" from Russia. The bootable CD is based on Red Hat Linux with full graphical environment and IceWM as the only desktop. Several nice touches distinguish this product form other CD-based distributions - the CD includes NVidia drivers, the Blender 3D modeling application and a functional trial edition of VMware. On the negative side, the hardware configuration is done with Red Hat's Kudzu and Xconfigurator which requires user interaction during boot. Most of the selected applications are on the light side of system resource requirements (e.g. Opera, Sylpheed) with one notable exception - OpenOffice 1.0 as the only office suite.
A knoppix-based bootable distribution for bioinformatics. Includes tools for DNA and protein sequence analysis, namely DNA -> protein translation, binary and multiple sequence alignment, pattern search, 3D structure visualisation etc. Includes bioinformatics toolkits for perl and python (BioPerl and BioPhyton).
eLearnix 2219x
eLearnix (formerly known as FreeLoader) is a bootable Linux CD. It's for people wondering what linux is like. FreeLoader lets you try linux without making any hard drive changes. No knowledge of linux is required.
PCLinuxOS[..]os/index.html 2174x
PCLinuxOS Preview 9 is an English only self-booting live cd that runs entirely from a bootable CD without installing anything on your computer. Data on the CD is uncompressed on the fly allowing up to 2 GB of programs on one CD including a complete Xserver, KDE 3.4.1 Desktop, Open Office 1.1.4, Thunderbird 1.0.2, Firefox 1.0.4, p2p filesharing and much more, all preconfigured and ready to use! In addition to the livecd mode, you can also install PCLinuxOS to your hard drive using our easy to use livecd installer, assuming you like PCLinuxOS and it runs well on your computer.
ADIOS 2102x
The objective of the ADIOS project is to provide students with an operating system where they have administrative privileges. At the same time provide a reliable version of the operating system. The ADIOS boot CD was designed to allow users to run multiple virtual machines which can be configured as a network. The virtual machines are created using User Mode Linux (UML.
DeadCD 2077x
DeadCD is minimalistic Linux livecd, based on Debian distribution. It's goal is to provide small - the maximum size is 100 MB -, fast and feature-rich versatile system.
SmoothWall 2057x
SmoothWall Express is an open source firewall distribution based on the GNU/Linux operating system. Linux is the ideal choice for security systems; it is well proven, secure, highly configurable and freely††† available as open source code. SmoothWall includes a hardened subset of the GNU/Linux operating system, so there is no separate OS to install. Designed for ease of use, SmoothWall is configured via a web-based GUI, and requires absolutely no knowledge of Linux to install or use.
Cinemix is a minidistribution of Linux designed for playing movies after booting directly from a CD. The only requirement is setting up BIOS to boot from CD. Its advantages are simplicity, small size and ease of CD recording.
AdvanceCD 2027x
AdvanceCD is a bootable LiveCD/DVD of a minimal Linux system containing the AdvanceMAME emulator.
Quantian[..]quantian.html 2026x
Bootable distribuion for numerical matematics build on Knoppixu. Includes R (statistics), Octave (numeric methods), Maxima (algebra), visualisation and editing utilities and openMosix.
Deep-Water Linux 2022x
Deep-Water/Linux - fully graphical halfminimalist boot-CD distribution released under the GNU General Public License Version 2
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