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Onebase Linux 7158x
Onebase is a full fledged OS targeted at diverse users ranging from newbies to professionals. And with its exclusive set of network tools Onebase is ready for enterprises.
FreeBSD 6703x
FreeBSD is an advanced operating system for x86 compatible, AMD64, DEC Alpha, IA-64, PC-98 and UltraSPARC® architectures. It is derived from BSD, the version of UNIX® developed at the University of California, Berkeley. It is developed and maintained by a large team of individuals. Additional platforms are in various stages of development.
Pocket Linux 6492x
Pocket Linux is minimal one-floppy system made to turn any PC into secure terminal able to connect with remote hosts via SSH.
Fedora Core 6423x
Fedora Core is a completely free, user friendly, and secure general purpose platform based on Linux. The Fedora Project is an open source project that pioneers leading edge technology and concepts sponsored by Red Hat and supported by the Fedora community.
Vector Linux 6383x
Vector Linux is a small, fast, Intel based Linux operating system for PC style computers. The creators of Vector Linux had a single credo: keep it simple, keep it small and let the end user decide what their operating system is going to be. What has evolved from this concept is perhaps the best little Linux operating system available anywhere. For the casual computer user you have a lightening fast desktop with graphical programs to handle your daily activities from web surfing, sending and receiving email, chatting on ICQ or IRC to running an ftp server. The power user will be pleased because all the tools are there to compile their own programs, use the system as a server or perhaps the gateway for their home or office computer network. Administrators will be equally as pleased because the small size and memory requirements of the operating system can be deployed on older machines maybe long forgotten.
Mandrake 9.2. Fivestar 6356x
Ark Linux 6141x
PCLinuxOS-2010 6128x
PCLinuxOS[..]os/index.html 5928x
PCLinuxOS is a community based non-profit distribution initially based on Mandrake Linux. It is bootable.
MandrakeMove 5924x
MandrakeMove lets you bring your Mandrake Linux system wherever you go, all on a single disc, so that you can connect to the Internet, create & edit Office documents, listen to music, watch movies, and just about anything you can imagine from wherever you happen to be!
INSERT[..]nsert_en.html 5818x
INSERT is a Knoppix based, complete bootable linux system. It comes with a graphical user interface running the fluxbox window manager while still being sufficiently small to fit on a credit card-sized CD-ROM. INSERT contains a multitude of useful tools to be at your hand in a variety of situations: full read-write support for NTFS-partitions using captive support for various file system types: EXT2, EXT3, MINIX, REISERFS, JFS, XFS, NTFS, FAT, MSDOS, NFS, HFS, HFS+, NCPFS, UDF, UFS, support for linux software RAID and LVM, network analysis (e.g. nmap, tcpdump), disaster recovery (e.g. gpart, partimage, testdisk), virus scanning (Clam Antivirus), computer forensics (e.g. chkrootkit), surf the internet (e.g. links-hacked, AxY FTP) and much more.
FREESCO (stands for FREE ciSCO) is a free replacement for commercial routers supporting up to 3 ethernet/arcnet/token_ring/arlan network cards and up to 2 modems. Why should you use Freesco? * Ease of use - it's insanely easy to set up * Thoroughly documented - it's more or less self contained, read one doc and you're off and running * Like most players in this field, it runs off one floppy * FreeSco runs in as little as 6 MB RAM on a clunky 386 without HDD * Unique Web Control Panel
geexbox 5575x
GeeXboX is a full operating system, running under Linux and based on the excellent MPlayer. No need for a hard drive, you just have to put the GeeXboX bootable CD into the CD-Drive of any pentium-class computer to boot it. Moreover, GeeXboX is a free software, created thanks to many open-source software. This means that everyone can modify it and build his own release of the GeeXboX. At the time of the first developpement releases (Dec. 2002), it was only able to play DivX movies, but for now, nearly every kind of media files can be played from GeeXboX, our OS supporting for example: MPEG 1/2 movies (MPG files, VCDs, DVDs ...), MPEG 4 movies (DivX, XviD ...), RealMedia and Windows Media movies, OggMedia streams, audio streams like MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, WAV (AudioCD), AC3...
Mulimidix 5452x
Mulimidix is a mini Linux distribution for building a PC-based set-top box and multimedia player system with digital TV, MP3, DivX, etc. support, using VDR, Freevo and other tools. It is currently optimized for i686.
ABC Linux[..]ion?rid=51128 5158x
ABC Linux is a full operating system base on popular distribution Knoppix (Full localized in Czech). It is a live CD distribution, that does not require installation. ABC Linux contains great amount of information about Linux, because there you can find integrating offline content favourite portal
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1. Pacman linux
Download: 2632x
2. FreeBSD
Download: 6703x
3. PCLinuxOS-2010
Download: 6128x
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Download: 8373x
5. Onebase Linux
Download: 7158x
6. Novell Linux Desktop
Download: 0x
7. KateOS
Download: 3834x

1. VFU File Manager
Download: 1426x
2. LeftHand Mała Księgowość
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3. MISU pyFotoResize
Download: 743x
4. Lefthand CRM
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5. MetadataExtractor
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6. RCP100
Download: 1153x
7. Predaj softveru
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8. MSH Free Autoresponder
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9. Guitar Scale Expert
Download: 1222x
10. Jinja24Doc
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11. Čistič
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12. BASH History Suggest Box
Download: 5477x
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