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Tiny Core Linux 4306x
Tiny Core Linux is a very small (10 MB) minimal Linux Desktop. It is based on Linux 2.6 kernel, Busybox, Tiny X, Fltk, and Jwm. The core runs entirely in ram and boots very quickly.
KateOS 4254x
KateOS is a multitasking operating system which provides all that is necessary for programmers, webmasters, administrators and home users. The most important KateOS features are high efficiency, safety, reliability and low system requirements. KateOS provides full support for generally used multimedia. KateOS is a perfect combination of Linux power and utility. The complexity of installed software makes using the system comfortable, immediately after the installation process. Looking for a perfect solution for the experienced UNIX user? KateOS is perhaps the best one.
Buffalo Linux 3856x
A Slackware derived distribution targeted at the small business workstation market. Integrates wiht MS using CodeWeavers CrossOver Office.
blueflops 3220x
blueflops is a two-floppy Linux distribution with a graphical Web browser (links) and an IRC client (tirc). The kernel has most of the Ethernet drivers compiled in as modules (including the PCMCIA ones) and PPP support (for dialup connections). The browser is linked with OpenSSL. The scripts are all accessible by a setup script and have a nice dialog frontend.
Pacman linux /[..] 3143x
Pacman linux is desktop oriented distribution, for peoples witch work with computer. For maxing out this ability there are defaultky almost none daemons/ programs witch will use CPU or IO operations. Desktop have only two components - on top is about twenty pixels high text line witch shows opened windows. And on right there is icon bar (wharf) where are all desktop aplications stored. Pacman use own package system (crane) witch operate with containers (cont). Pacman have also own installer system build apon dialog utility witch is capable installing system from network. Pacman don't have version names or release numbers, but it's version can be checked by small_core package witch is only package with is not automatically updated. This time is distribution developed by just one person, with fullfilled starting goals, so development have significant slowdown. This not mean that it is death, planned changes are addedet support for selective installation from opt (optional) branch of package tree.
Underground Desktop 2981x
Underground Desktop is a GNU/Linux distribution targeted to the desktop user, featuring a graphical installation (using Anaconda for Debian by Progeny), and is based on Debian 'unstable'. Its main features are: * Ease of installation. The graphical installer will guide you through the installation in a simple and effective way. * Debian based. Underground Desktop is based on Debian unstable, so you can install bleeding edge software easily. * Fast. The desktop environment, KDE, is compiled with optimizations for modern processors. The linux kernel is optimized in order to improve desktop performance. * KDE powered. KDE is the most advanced desktop environment in the linux world. We include a recent release of KDE.
YOPER 2948x
Yoper is a multipurpose Linux operating system which has been carefully optimised for PC's with either 686 or higher processor types.Cyrix M2
Scientific Linux 2632x
Scientific Linux is a free operating system (a Linux distribution), co-developed by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), and which aims to be 100% compatible with and based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This product is derived from the free & open source software made available by Red Hat, Inc., but is not produced, maintained or supported by Red Hat. Specifically, this product is built from the source code for Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions, under the terms and conditions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux's EULA and the GNU General Public License.
SENTINIX is a GNU/Linux distribution designed for monitoring, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessment, statistics/graphing and anti-spam.
White Box Enterprise Linux (WBEL) 2341x
This product is derived from the Free/Open Source Software made available by Red Hat, Inc but IS NOT produced, maintained or supported by Red Hat. Specifically, this product is forked from the source code for Red Hat's _Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3_ product under the terms and conditions of it's EULA.
Arch Linux 2323x
Arch Linux is a general purpose linux distribution that can be molded to do just about anything. It is fast, lightweight, flexible, and most of the parts under the hood are quite simple to understand and tweak, which can make it a good distro to "learn the ropes" on. Arch Linux uses the Pacman package manager, which couples a simple binary package format with an easy-to-use build system, allowing the users to easily manage and customize their packages, whether they be official Arch packages or the user's own homegrown ones. The repository system allows users to build and maintain their own custom package repositories, which encourages community growth and contribution.
Source Mage Linux 2107x
LinnexOS 2106x
Polska dystrybucja Linuxa bazująca się na PCLinuxOS-ie .Jest całkowicie spolszczona i jest łatwa w obsłudze.Nadaje się do firm i do domu ,ale nie na serwer. The is Polish Linux distribution based on PCLinuxOS.Only Polish language.Is easy!Recommended for bussines and home ,no for server.
aLinux 2103x
Świetna dystrybucja multimedialna.Zawiera dużo narzędzi dla domowego desktopa.
Jolinux 2068x
Linux distribution based in the Slackware. All free.
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