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Migrating from Windows has never been easier: SUSE LINUX 9.0 is secure and stable. In addition to a powerful operating system, SUSE LINUX 9.0 delivers all the applications you need for Internet, Office, Multimedia, and Home networking. Its installation routine is now almost fully automated, so you'll be up and running with little effort. And, of course, you are assured all the advantages of using Open Source software.
Created date: 4.12.2003 09:38
Licence: Komerční
CZ lokalization: yes
Version: 9.0
Release date: 4.12.2003
Home Page:
Developer Company: Suse
Package system: rpm
SW instalation requirement: Processor
Intel: Celeron, Pentium® to Pentium® 4, Xeon®
AMD: K6/II/III, Duron(tm), Athlon(tm), Athlon(tm) XP/MP, Athlon 64(tm)
286, 386, 486 and Cyrix processors are not supported

Main memory
At least 64 MB are required for the installation with YaST2 in graphical mode; 128 MB recommended

Hard disk
400 MB to more than 3 GB (Personal Edition) or 6 GB (Professional Edition) for the installation of all packages; 2 GB or more recommended
LBA48 hard disks are supported

Graphics cards
SUSE LINUX comes with drivers for common cards including the following:
ATI: Radeon 9000/9200/9500/9600/9700/9800
nVidia: GeForce 4, GeForce FX
Matrox: G450/G550

ISA plug & play cards
ISA plug & play cards may have to be configured manually.

SUSE LINUX supports professional sound cards such as the following:
Soundblaster: Audigy
Terratec: EWX 24/96 (Sereo I/O analog and digital), EWS 88 MT (8 analog channels), EWS 88D (10 digital channels in ADAT format)
CD count: 5
Rating: 100%

Package and version
Package name Version
abiword 1.99.5
alsa-lib 0.9.6
apache 2.0.47
bind 9.2.2
cups 1.1.19
emacs 21.3
evolution 1.4.4
gcc 3.3.1
gimp 2
glibc 2.3.2
gnumeric 1.1.20
gtk+ 2.2.3
kdebase 3.1.4
koffice 1.2.92
linux /kernel/ 2.4.21 také 2.6
mozilla 1.4
mysql 4.0.15 1.1
openssh 3.7.1p2
openssl 0.9.7b
perl 5.8.1
php 4.3.3
postfix 2.0.14
postgresql 7.3.4
qt 3.2.1
samba 2.2.8a
sendmail 8.12.10
vim 6.2
xmms 1.2.8
Added by: Yippee


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