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STUX is a Linux system that runs from CDROM; STUX can automatically load and save main configuration and personal files on writable partition.
When STUX boots up, it look for configuration files archive (named on available hard disks and floppy:

If the configuration files archive is found, STUX will use them to start-up.

If the configuration files archive is non found, the default archive (on cdrom) is used.
In this way you will be able to configure your live cd as you need.
Created date: 14.1.2004 10:35
CZ lokalization: yes
Version: 0.5.3
Release date: 16.12.2003
Home Page:
Creator: Giacomo Picconi ???
Developer Company:
Package system: deb
SW instalation requirement:
CD count: 1
Rating: Nou rated yet.

Package and version
Package name Version
apache 1.3.28
emacs 21.3
gcc 3.2.3
gimp ???
kdebase 3.1
koffice ???
mozilla 1.4
mysql 4.0.15a -
perl 5.8.0
php 4.3.3
samba ???
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