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Pacman linux is desktop oriented distribution, for peoples witch work with computer. For maxing out this ability there are defaultky almost none daemons/ programs witch will use CPU or IO operations.

Desktop have only two components - on top is about twenty pixels high text line witch shows opened windows. And on right there is icon bar (wharf) where are all desktop aplications stored.

Pacman use own package system (crane) witch operate with containers (cont). Pacman have also own installer system build apon dialog utility witch is capable installing system from network.

Pacman don't have version names or release numbers, but it's version can be checked by small_core package witch is only package with is not automatically updated.

This time is distribution developed by just one person, with fullfilled starting goals, so development have significant slowdown. This not mean that it is death, planned changes are addedet support for selective installation from opt (optional) branch of package tree.
Created date: 18.8.2013 17:34
Licence: GPL
CZ lokalization: no
Version: 1.16
Release date: 12.5.2012
Home Page:
Creator: Tomas Hornacek
Developer Company:
Package system:
EN article links:[..]pacman-linux/
SW instalation requirement: Pentium 4 compatible processor. About 128 MB RAM for local installation and 300 (at least) for network installation. You will also need 2 GB of free disk space and 30 minutes of time.
CD count: 1
Rating: Nou rated yet.

Package and version
Package name Version
alsa-lib 1.0.24
apache 2.2.22
gcc 4.6.1
gimp 1.2.5
linux /kernel/ 3.0
mozilla 10
MPlayer SVN-r34027-3.4.
openssh 5.8.p2
openssl 1.0.0
qt 4.5.3
vim 6.1.88
xmms 1.2.11
Added by: Hornacek Tomas


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