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1FCD-OpBSD (also known as Karma BSD) is a one-floppy OpenBSD MP3 player with functionality to mount NTFS, UDF (on DVD, CDROM, or external USB disks), EXT2FS, NFS, MFS, and MSDOS file systems. It plays MP3 tracks, and can copy files from any disk to any disk. The software may be useful for the blind and it can also be used as a unique utility for copying files over a network (via NFS) or from any file system known to OpenBSD. USB sticks can be mounted as well, so you will have a unique one-floppy copy tool in case your CDROM is broken and you use older notebook/computer. Static OpenBSD binaries can be made on other systems (such as mp3blaster with ogg support) and used with Karma BSD. It is an operating system on a floppy. screenshot
Created date: 21.4.2009 22:45
Licence: Freeware
CZ lokalization: no
Version: 1.0
Release date: 31.3.2008
Home Page:
Creator: George Sipos
Developer Company: Sanatana Dharma
Package system:
SW instalation requirement: 386 Processor and 8 MB RAM, no hard disk is necessary.
CD count: 0
Rating: Nou rated yet.
Added by: Saad Devaki


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