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Gentoo Linux is source-based distribution. It means whole system is compiled from scratch. But compilation is simple: Gentoo has Portage packaging system which makes compilation easier. For example: Installing&compiling postfix+fetchmail+antispam filter+clamav antivirus with all needed perl's modules is only about typing "emerge postfix fetchmail amavisd".
Gentoo is not for beginners, you have to set up all applications by hand (but it's not difficult :-))
List of installable packages:
The distribution is clean, applications run faster and there are only packages you want.
Created date: 4.12.2003 09:42
Licence: GPL
CZ lokalization: yes
Version: 1.4
Release date: 4.12.2003
Home Page:
Developer Company: Gentoo Technologies, Inc
Package system: source
CZ article links:[..]ion?rid=22201[..]ion?rid=18039
EN article links:[..]hilosophy.xml[..]/en/about.xml
SW instalation requirement: Human HW req.: can read, can learn new things
Computer HW req.: It depends on Gentoo use (server/desktop). Generally say is faster than other Linux distributions due to compiling for your computer. Fast connection at least for installation.
CD count: 2
Rating: 75%

Package and version
Package name Version
abiword 2.0.1
alsa-lib 0.9.8
apache 2.0.48-r1
bind 9.2.2-r2
cups 1.1.19-r1
emacs 21.3-r1
evolution 1.4.5
gcc 3.2.3-r2
gimp 1.2.5
glibc 2.3.2-r3
gnumeric 1.2.1
gtk+ 2.2.4-r1
kdebase 3.1.4
koffice 1.2.1-r1
linux /kernel/ 2.4.23_pre8
mozilla 1.5-r1
MPlayer 0.92
mysql 2.1027 1.1.0-r2
openssh 3.7.1_p2
openssl 0.9.6k
perl 5.8.0-r12
php 4.3.3-r2
postfix 2.0.11
postgresql 7.3.4-r1
qt 3.2.2-r1
samba 2.2.8a
sendmail 8.12.10
vim 6.2-r3
XFree86 4.3.0-r3
xmms 1.2.7-r20
Added by: Jan Molič


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