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Underground Desktop is a GNU/Linux distribution targeted to the desktop user, featuring a graphical installation (using Anaconda for Debian by Progeny), and is based on Debian 'unstable'.

Its main features are:

* Ease of installation.
The graphical installer will guide you through the installation in a simple and effective way.

* Debian based.
Underground Desktop is based on Debian unstable, so you can install bleeding edge software easily.

* Fast.
The desktop environment, KDE, is compiled with optimizations for modern processors.
The linux kernel is optimized in order to improve desktop performance.

* KDE powered.
KDE is the most advanced desktop environment in the linux world. We include a recent release of KDE.
Created date: 9.5.2005 17:02
Licence: GPL
CZ lokalization: no
Version: 013
Release date: 17.4.2005
Home Page:
Creator: Ciccio.A
Developer Company:
Package system: deb
SW instalation requirement: i686 cpu or better
256 MB RAM
VESA compatible video card
CD count: 1
Rating: Nou rated yet.

Package and version
Package name Version
abiword 2.2.4
cups 1.1.23
gcc 3.3.5
gimp 2.2.3
glibc 2.3.2
gtk+ 2.6.2
kdebase 3.4rc1
linux /kernel/
qt 3.3.3
XFree86 xorg 6.8.2
xmms 1.2.10
Added by: francesco arillotta


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