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MoviX is a mini Linux "live CD" distribution containing all the software to boot from CD/HD partition (either Linux or Winblows)/USB pen/CompactFlash card/Net and start a CURSE console menu from which you can play, thanks to the great MPlayer package, most of the audio/video files out there (and, if you are lucky, also internet radios and TV :-)
Supported formats are all formats supported by mplayer, most noticeably DivX and QuickTime but more in general any DVD, VCD, AudioCD, avi, mpeg, ogm, wmv, asf, fli and a few others.
MPlayer reads also mp3 & ogg/vorbis files, so you can also use it to play music!
Created date: 26.11.2003 14:57
Licence: GPL
CZ lokalization: no
Version: 0.8.1pre5
Release date: 26.11.2003
Home Page:
Creator: Roberto De Leo
Developer Company:
Package system:
CZ article links:[..]ids=3&idc=397[..]nidistribuce/
EN article links:[..]ews/movix.xml[..]ic.php?p=1554[..]ID=9&ID=13190[..].php?sid=6474
SW instalation requirement: CD iso is 22 MB big...
CPU: x86 compatible are supported, and only >= i586.
RAM: This MoviX version needs at least 64MB but it may work even with as low as 32MB if you have a Linux swap partition with >=32MB on your HDD.
All IDE controllers are supported.
All SCSI controllers supported by kernel 2.4.22 are also supported.
It is not easy to say on which video cards MoviX will work. Cards brand that are generally known to work are:

Moreover, it supports TV-out for (at least!) ATI, Matrox, NVidia, CastleRock, Savage and Trident cards.
CD count: 1
Rating: Nou rated yet.
Added by: David Makovský


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