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Linux is without a doubt the future of operating systems. Due to it's stability, security, cost and open source idea among others it is already taking over Microsoft's Windows in the server area, in the desktop area it is going to happen any time soon.

5.3.2004 12:00 | František Hucek | read 24200×


One of the biggest obstacles when switching to Linux is finding the right aplication to replace a Windows one. While in the Windows world, there are such sources of software as, the situation is much less favourable for Linux. One can use but honestly, it is not considered for a non-advanced user. You can use more clear but there is not much software and the search capabilities are not not very fine. is quite good but there are also some features missing.

So we have decided to build a Linux Software directory easy to use, with good navigation, costumer reports etc. which would be the first source of information about Linux Software on the internet. That is why it is done bilingualy, in Czech and English. There are still many features to add, stay tuned.

We started our directory from scratch on November 5th, 2003. At the moment (March 2nd, 2004) we have 1660 software items in our database, and in February we had over 1000 visitors a day with peak of 2900.
32% are Czech
15% from USA
12% from Poland
6% from Slovakia
4% from Germany..

As important as Linux software are Linux distributions which bundle this software also with hardware detection and setup tools, but as far as there is Laco Bodnar's, the best Linux distro directory ever, there is no need to build one.

With LAM Ltd. we prepare secondary downloads. In same cases, the homepages of original projects dies, so it is hard to download the original file.

Well, we are just at start of a long journey, we want to create the biggest source of Linux software on the web. Let's see if with a help from the Linux community we can reach our goal.

Frantisek Hucek & Team



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