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We are working at a Linux Software directory. Our aim is to build a comprehensive list divided into categories with full-text search. Listings and descriptions are bilingual in English and Czech. Everyone is welcome to add his/her favorite software.
František Hucek & collective

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> Software (not) news (2)

Today, we're going to introduce games from our "web". New and old games as well. Three representing points have been chosen from each category.

17.6.2009 | Martin Charvát | read 17100×

> Software (not) news (1)

You can find a software whose signature is already on our portal. This can be for somebody an interesting solution. One product with a shorted signature and a reference is chosen from each category.

20.5.2009 | Martin Charvát | read 11642×

> interview: Bram Moolenaar

Bram Moolenaar is the author of Vim, text editor which is very popular among unix enthusiasts.

27.6.2007 | Luboš Turek | read 26168×
Comments: 2 | Last: 3.02.2016 12:18


Dreamlinux Review of new version of distro of Linux dreams from Brazil.

5.1.2007 | František Hucek | read 69994×
Comments: 1 | Last: 6.09.2014 12:09

> Interview with João Batista Esteves - Dreamlinux

Dreamlinux Dreamlinux is by my opinion the best Linux distro at the moment. We bring you interview with João Batista Esteves (Drjesteves) - Dreamlinux Project Leader.

18.12.2006 | František Hucek | read 25367×

> Downloads on

From this month we stopped competition in adding software records. Reason and our next goal with linux software database are described in this article.

5.8.2005 | Ondřej Čečák | read 31437×

> Interview with Ladislav Bodnar -

Born in former Czechoslovakia, now running from Taiwan the best site of linux distros DistroWatch.

12.3.2005 | František Hucek | read 36588×

> Experience from installation Mandrake 10.0 Official on AMD Opteron

We have decided to test several available distributions on our dual-opteron server (details e.g. here. One of the distributions we have chosen to test was Mandrake 10.0 Official pro AMD64.

5.10.2004 | Petr Houštěk | read 27016×

> Squid - part II

In the previous part we went through acl classes, now let's continue with acl operators.

13.7.2004 | Petr Houštěk | read 28467×
Diskuze: Comments: 1 | Last: 2.03.2010 06:06

> Squid – part I

As you probably know, squid is a web proxy cache. It has a variety of uses, from speeding up the connection to web servers by caching repeated requests, to blocking pages with commercial or pornographic content. Squid is very robust and developed under GPL.

23.6.2004 | Petr Houštěk | read 36506×

> Computer science policy, software patents and czech political parties - EP candidates

I was freely inspired for writing this article by Alan Cox's open letter in which he appealed to hackers, open-source supporters and all UK citizens generally to vote in upcoming EP elections two particular British political parties which are against software patents. As I read Alan's letter I just realised that I had absolutely no idea what was our czech political parties' (EP candidates) attitude towards software patents and what was their general European computer science/telecommunication policy at all.

11.6.2004 | Josef Muknšnábl | read 20094×

> AMD Opteron Server – Part 2 (Favour of 64 bits)

In the first part of this series we discussed hardware of AMD64 server. In this article we will describe some features of AMD64 platform and the Opteron processor and do a brief review of Linux support.

10.5.2004 | Jan Houštěk | read 27494×

> AMD Opteron Server – Part 1 (Hardware)

On April 22, 2003 AMD introduced their first 64-bit processor, Opteron (previously called Hammer or SledgeHammer). Nearly one year after we decided to meet with this technology. While AMD's focus of the AMD64 platform also involves desktop solutions, our aim was to build a high-performance Linux server.

5.3.2004 | Jan Houštěk | read 32483×

> LINUXSOFT.CZ - our goal

Linux is without a doubt the future of operating systems. Due to it's stability, security, cost and open source idea among others it is already taking over Microsoft's Windows in the server area, in the desktop area it is going to happen any time soon.

5.3.2004 | František Hucek | read 24046×

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2. FreeBSD
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3. PCLinuxOS-2010
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5. Onebase Linux
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6. Novell Linux Desktop
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7. KateOS
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Download: 937x
2. spkg
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3. LinPacker
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4. VFU File Manager
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5. LeftHand Mała Księgowość
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6. MISU pyFotoResize
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7. Lefthand CRM
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8. MetadataExtractor
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9. RCP100
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10. Predaj softveru
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11. MSH Free Autoresponder
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12. Guitar Scale Expert
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